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Allgäu incense Inner tour - fox

Allgäu incense Inner tour - fox

I am a shy master of the forest.

I build escape tubes to quickly and intelligently attack my hunters

escape. But inside I am immeasurable

as far as a beautiful landscape.

In this I walk day by day and trust what is shown there.

I am my own wise master and know about everyone

Time what to do.

I adapt when circumstances require without submitting, because

my true freedom resides within.

Come with me on an inner journey. I want the mirror

Be of your soul and show you how it feels

if you are outside, in

Are wide and free inside. Lots of the emergency exits you have

you don't need anymore today.

I help

You in the process of focusing your attention on your inner source and you

to straighten up with it.

Here you will find your wisdom, your gentleness

and discover your true freedom. So you are constantly nourished and

can also take care of everyone who is entrusted to you and important to you.

My affirmation for you:

"I connect with my inner source."

Components: pine needles, mugwort, woodruff,

Quendel, alant root, pine resin

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