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Allgäu incense power and grounding - deer

Allgäu incense power and grounding - deer

I am the king of the forest, guardian and guide at the same time.

Strong, graceful and vigilant, I walk in the holy

Space of nature and control the fate of the forest

and their residents. They trust me because they know

that I am calm and firmly rooted in the earth and

align myself with the sun. So I listen to all of them

fine tones which they emit and which we receive from the outside

to reach. I hear the messages and send mine

Call back. Knowing that I am level-headed for the benefit of everyone

decide. I trust.

This is how you find your inner strength.

From this quiet place you will find the direction

Recognize your path.

I strengthen your will to freedom. So you can go forward courageously

step and rediscover your own strength and size.

My affirmation for you:

"I am firmly rooted and feel my strength."

Ingredients: mugwort, blackberry leaves, pine needles,

Angelica, St. John's wort, oak bark, spruce resin

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