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Allgäu incense liveliness - squirrels

Allgäu incense liveliness - squirrels

I am the hot line between heaven and earth.

Up high, I dance lively and at lightning speed in the treetops of my district. Down on the

From the ground I bring up my hidden treasures. At home I am in the middle, my middle.

What a life! Nothing complains to me. I am pure lightness. I brave the big leaps and know

at the same time, how important it is to look ahead and take good care of myself.

With my appearance, I put a smile on your face. Again and again I can you with my nimble

be curious and impress at the same time in a gentle manner.

Bold as I am, I challenge you to take courageous steps. Dare a new path if the old one

Makes you heavy and tired.

I will help you to find your trail again and to help you towards your hidden treasures

reflect. Ask yourself what nourishes you and how you easily and

feel happy. Do it and the vibrancy will return in no time.

My affirmation for you:

"I take good care of myself."

Ingredients: Birch, Woodruff, Marigold,

Rosemary, blackberry leaves, copal

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