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Allgäu incense protection - hedgehog

Allgäu incense protection - hedgehog

I'm a level-headed, fine guy, even if my spiked fur speaks a different language.

It is my trademark and makes me unmistakable. Every single one

of my many thousands of spines is with its own

Muscle equipped. So I can protect my soft, sensitive core immediately from attacks and injuries

protect from the outside. When the danger is over, I dig the leaves and soil again for food at night

and like to sleep through the day and even months in my cozy nest.

I want to be a parable to you. Maybe like me you are more sensitive contemporary. But I only curl up when

there is really imminent danger. But there are times when you need more protection and separation from the outside world,

to protect your inner being and your vulnerable sides.

Then I spread one out together with the plants

Umbrella over you, under which you rest,

Keep your heart open and stay with you. Feed yourself in this

Quiet zone, the door to something new will soon open for you.

My affirmation for you:

"I am protected."

Ingredients: Mugwort, sage, mistletoe, Mariengrass,

Lavender, birch, rose petals, storax

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