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Allgäu incense self-discovery - wolf

Allgäu incense self-discovery - wolf

Here in the forest is my place. I take it, of course

and without hesitation. It is a primordial law that is expressed through me. A birthright

that applies to all of us.

I breathe the rhythms of nature

through and through. Aligned to constantly develop myself, expand and limit myself

to blow up peacefully but firmly.

Freedom is my top priority. And connectedness is the most beautiful ingredient

of my existence. Lonely and yet together.

I'll show you how you can stand up for yourself. When everyone takes their designated place, envy

and displeasure no chance. You are the best version of yourself.

Anytime. I will help you to look inside and to find yourself in being alone.

Without limits. Without judgments.

You will be surprised what you can do with you.

Celebrate this gift with yourself, because with your gifts and

Skills become a gift to the world yourself.

My affirmation for you:

"I'll take my place."

Ingredients: Mugwort, Yarrow, Heilziest, Masterwort,

Ash, copal

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