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Allgäu incense wisdom - badger

Allgäu incense wisdom - badger

I am the architect of the forest. I go into the depths and dig a ramified kingdom under the earth

and under the roots of the trees. I equip my innermost room with moss, leaves and ferns, because

I can relax here after roaming around at night. I am not afraid of the dark.

Light and shadow are part of all existence.

With my black and white appearance, I wear an important one

Outward message.

It reads: Do not be afraid of your dark side!

Dig deeply for them, because when you become aware of them, they can no longer control you.

I will help you to accept your shadows because they do not want to harm you. Usually they are your refuge

served to protect your heart and soul.

Discover behind the shadows the light and the wisdom that is from you

want to be seen.

Share it with everything around you and leave it

shine in the world.

My affirmation for you:

"I live my light and my wisdom."

Ingredients: juniper branches and berries, mugwort,

Alant blossoms, blackberry leaves, angelica,

Angelica seeds, copal

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