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Medicinal herb candle - spirit of trees - trust

Medicinal herb candle - spirit of trees - trust

  • trust
  • Through love and security, we get our basic trust in the cradle in childhood, through which we can develop self-confidence and trust in others. It lets us recognize the positive, gives us stability and enables us to remain present and with ourselves. It creates the basis and the foundation for a fulfilled and happy life, but external influences, disappointed trust in the bigger picture, in communities or partnerships make us lose trust in ourselves.
  • In order to take the right place in life and shape it according to our wishes, we need this basic trust in ourselves - this unshakable knowledge that I am feeling and doing the right thing. Despite its graceful grace, charisma and lightness, the birch is a tough tree that lives and survives under the toughest conditions. At the same time it stands for renewal and a new beginning - it helps us to bring encrusted structures back into the flow - through its cleansing effect, new energies are awakened and released. They bring the courage to create positive patterns again. The birch tree is in connection with everyone else in the community - but it can protect itself from negative external influences through its special bark. In addition, the scent of the rose geranium has a balancing, relaxing and mentally invigorating effect.

Please note that this natural color is very light-sensitive and store the candle protected if possible, but any fading has no effect on the burn and effect.

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