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Medicinal herb candle - spirit of trees - vision

Medicinal herb candle - spirit of trees - vision


A people without vision dies [Book of Proverbs 29/18] Without vision there is no manifestation. The present is a thought that has become reality, the implementation of a vision on which we have set our focus. In order to turn a wish or an inner longing, how we fill and shape our life into reality, we need the knowledge of our abilities as a foundation and the will to act accordingly.

She is the queen of the forest, with strong roots and a crown that opens upwards. It contains the vision of the intact future forest. In the existing structure of the old forest it forms deep roots and stability. The fir tree waits for the right time with sincerity and clarity. Well-centered, grounded and with determination, it then ensures growth upwards and outwards and thus forms the protection and the basis for the new forest.

Please note that this natural color is very light-sensitive and store the candle protected if possible, but any fading has no effect on the burn and effect.

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