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Medicinal herb candle - spirit of the trees - transformation

Medicinal herb candle - spirit of the trees - transformation


We come to earth easily and carefree and yet with deep knowledge within. We embark on the hero's journey of life. There are dangers, trials and challenges on the way. Often we do not notice how we get more and more outside, go from the heart to the head and forget how much wisdom there is in us. But this waits for us to dive into the depths of our being, breath by breath, in order to recognize ourselves, our strength and also the laws on the outside. When we are ready to accept what the introspection shows us - however painful it may be - change can take place. Then we are ready to leave old paths of dependencies and restrictions on which we have so far erred through life. We look through things and see the essence. A new path is spreading before us - our path, which we walk easily and with a joyful, alert heart. Because now we are ready to take full responsibility for our lives. See how in spring the elderberry with its white flower umbels stands like a sky full of stars in white places and stretches its arms beaming into the universe. As lovely and carefree as a young girl who still has little idea of what she is made of. But the power of the elder goes deep. Everything that he receives outside, he brings into his roots. He is in constant communication with the earth and with the underworld. He knows exactly where the limits are and walks the old with the knowledge and wisdom of a mature woman. When autumn comes, it brings out the fertile essence in its deep purple fruits. Then the elderberry withdraws its juice and appears as if dead, the old simply breaks off. But in spring it awakens to new life with lush green under the bark. The perpetual cycle of being: We have given the elderberry the oil of mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) and with it another emerging plant. It helps to courageously and decisively continue on the new path.

Please note that this natural color is very light-sensitive and store the candle protected if possible, but any fading has no effect on the burn and effect.

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