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Medicinal herb candle - Spirit of the trees - Confidence

Medicinal herb candle - Spirit of the trees - Confidence


The word "view" is in confidence, a personal way of looking at things. Those who are confident do not expect something in the future, but have a firm conviction inside that everything is and will be good and meaningful. This mindset is above wishing and hoping and lets us stand firmly in life, no matter what the circumstances. Confidence is not vague, it is unshakable. That is why she persistently makes her way through life's challenges. The sycamore maple is a symbol of wholeness and is an impressive survivor who shows us mastery of calm, serenity and confidence through his way of life. It defies all resistance and feels particularly comfortable on steep slopes and scree slopes, opens up poor soils and even enriches them. It stretches its strong heart root deep into the earth and grows weightlessly towards the sky. Weather, wind, falling rocks - nothing can harm him. Even if the trunk is hollowed out, it stands powerfully in the landscape and adorns its crown with a mighty canopy of leaves. So it helps us to stand just as firmly in life by taking away sad thoughts and reminding us of the lightness and sweetness of life with its sweet juice. The sycamore maple in the candle is supported by the oil of bergamot, which also has a mood-lifting effect, gives self-confidence and a positive view of the waves of life.

Please note that this natural color is very sensitive to light and store the candle in a protected place if possible, but any fading has no effect on the burn and effect.

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