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Medicinal herb candle - wheel of the year - summer solstice

Medicinal herb candle - wheel of the year - summer solstice

Summer solstice

The sun has reached its highest level - it is the longest day and the shortest night. Even when summer starts on the calendar, nature is now maturing. Summer is a festival of abundance, the senses and sensuality. The colors and scents of the blooming plants are refreshment for our soul, the song of the birds and the hum of the insects give us a feeling of absolute lightness. It is a time of absolute presence. All life shows itself in its different forms and ways. We humans also experience this time more outside, enjoying the boundless life force of summer - it is now important to go into silence again and again in order to come into contact with our inner being. How do I care for and nourish the seed that has blossomed in me? What do I need to grow & come powerfully to maturity? What does it take to feel and live the lightness, light-heartedness and pure vitality of summer? Plants contained in it: mugwort, St. John's wort, rosemary, elder, etc.

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